Burro Pedal Straps with Fyxation Pedals

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We've had a few people hit us up recently about which pedal straps/foot retention systems work best with our Mesa and Gates pedals. One request came in yesterday for someone looking to our Mesa pedal with the Burro Bags Chronic pedal straps or Burro Reggie pedal straps. Unfortunately, the Burro pedal straps don't fit with our Mesa pedals. The Mesa's are a slim pedal that doesn't have room for larger bottom straps and so far the Hold Fast FRS is the only strap we've seen that really fits well with the Mesa.

The Gates pedal on the other hand is modeled after a more traditional BMX style platform pedal and has a taller profile and has plenty of room to fit most straps - including the Burro Chronic, Reggie and their new Mike Schmitt Pro Model.

We've been trying to partner with the guys at Burro to get their straps on our site but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Check out our webstore for 3 other great options.

Below are a few pictures taken by Patrick at Pedal Consumption that show the Mesa with the custom Pedal Consumption FRS.

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