Cetma Cargo Bikes: Where's the Beef?


Being based here in Milwaukee we've gotten to know the local cycling community fairly well from the great team at the Bike Federation of Wisconsin to the local bike messengers that work hard in every type of weather to deliver goods around the great city of Milwaukee.  Recently one of our buddies that's a local messenger told us to go check out the Facebook Page for a company called Cetma Cargo because they were talking some smack about Fyxation on their Page.  We had no idea who Cetma Cargo was and what possible issues they could have with our small Milwaukee based bike and parts company so we checked out their Facebook Page to see what was up.

Sure enough the crew at Cetma Cargo had some serious issues with our handmade in Milwaukee Tannery Collection and they were using Facebook to let the world know.  We checked out their website to see if they had any similar products to ours and as far as we could tell they make custom cargo bikes, bike racks and accessories. Maybe the six pack caddy was a bit too close to home and they saw it as competition for one of their racks but who knows.  

Hand selecting the leather we use for our Tannery Collection

After taking a closer look their bikes look pretty nice and I'm sure business has been brisk because cargo bikes have really gained in popularity the last few years. Companies like Metrofiets out of Portland and Bullitt out of Europe also make great cargo bikes that are a bit more heavily distributed than Cetma Cargo.  We've had a chance to see both in person and they're actually pretty cool. In fact, our local bicycle delivery service, Flavor Cycle, rides a custom Bullitt cargo bike that they use for larger local deliveries.  

Photo we shot at the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational last year

Cargo bikes are really catching on these days because more people are ditching cars for bikes and a cargo bike is great way to haul stuff and even kids around town without having to get behind the wheel of a car.  Companies like Soma Fabrications and Yuba also make smaller cargo bikes that are very popular and our rep in Northern California, who is also the Yuba rep, sells a ton of them.

Anyway, we decided to ignore the random Facebook beef from a small southern California based cargo bike company and to get back to work designing cool shit.  That is until this morning when I hopped on Twitter and saw that Cetma was back at it again and talking some more smack about our leather goods.  The funny thing is the two social media rants were about a month apart so whatever we're doing over here is obviously getting under dude's skin.  

Sorry Cetma.  Didn't mean to offend you.  Keep up the good work (on the bikes that is)!


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Kirk Tsonos
Kirk Tsonos

March 07, 2014

Jeez. That’s not good.

Lane has always seemed like a cool guy he’s actually currently producing my front rack for my Fyation Quiver.

This might get awkward….

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