Fyxation Purist Water Bottle


Hydration is key whether you're out riding or simply hanging out at your local bike shop.  The Fyxation 22 ounce Purist Water bottle is a high tech water bottle made by the team over at Specialized Water Bottles that's designed to keep contaminants at bay.  With the simple rinse of the bottle, Purist ensures that water from the bottle does not taste like plastic or the previous liquid. More tech specs and details are below.  

How Does it Work?

Each Purist bottle is infused with silicon dioxide (SIO2) in a process known as Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD). In this process, silicon dioxide is added to the polymer structure of the inner surface of the bottle, forming the protective glass-like barrier that prevents odors, stains, and mold from permanently attaching to the inside surface of the bottle.

This Purist infusion is added after the bottle has been molded and is chemically bonded to the bottle wall. The barrier is an extremely thin 20 nanometers—over 5,000 times thinner than a human hair.

By infusing the silicon dioxide, no compromise is made to the structure, and the bottle remains totally flexible for easier drinking. It will not delaminate or fall off, even when the bottle is flexed over and over.

Product Details:

- Color: Clear with black top/graphics

- Capacity: 22 ounce

Tech Specs:

- FLEX: Thanks to ultra flexible walls, Hydroflo delivers a tidal wave of water. The secret is our next generation resin, engineered to be durable, super flexible and ultra clear. A fine-tuned design provides increased leak resistance and ensures the bottle stays in your cage, even on the toughest roads.

SAFE: Hydroflo is 100-percent recyclable, FDA approved, BPA free and indpendently tested and approved by SGS.

- FIT: Hydroflo’s unique, three-sided shape fits perfectly in your hand for a solid, controlled grip. The design reduces the chance you will drop your bottles through a perfect ergo hold.

- PURE: To deliver a pure water taste, Hydroflo is infused with Purist. Using technology inspired by nature’s lotus leaf, Purist shields the bottle from odor, staining and mold buildup, so all you taste is pure water every time.



Type: Water Bottle

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