Quickdraw Leather Beverage Holster

Have you ever been in a situation where you'd really love a cold one but you didn't have anywhere to put it?  Whether you're out mowing the lawn, playing Frisbee in the back yard or out collecting wood for your next camp fire, there's nothing better than bringing along an ice cold beer.  Well for those of you that love to multitask and can't be without your beverage of choice, the latest addition to our Tannery Collection is just for you!

The Fyxation Leather Beverage Holster was designed to let you carry a 12 ounce bottle or can with you while you're on go.  Designed to conveniently attach to your belt buckle or to be carried around your neck using our braided polyester lanyard, the Fyxation Leather Beverage Holster is the ultimate hands free accessory.  Proudly made by hand here in our Milwaukee workshop with full grained leather sourced for a local tannery, this leather beverage holster is the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life.

Potential Uses:

Mowing the lawn

Walking the dog

Playing Jarts, horseshoes, darts, pool, Bocce ball, Frisbee, Cornhole...

Sending selfies to your friends of you wearing your Leather Beer Holster

Grilling out

Playing with the kids

Chopping wood

Fishing, hunting, canoeing...

*Price includes Leather Beer Holster and braided polyester lanyard





Type: Accessories

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