Blackburn Grid Side Beacon Light


The Blackburn Grid Side Beacon Light is a brilliant addition to the large collection of lights developed by Blackburn. These easy to mount lights are designed to be put on the side of your bike. While regular lights cast a wide beam and can be seen from the side, these lights are purpose built to be seen by cars that aren't in front or behind you. Great idea to keep bike commuters safe.

From Blackburn

We understand being able to see in the dark is important, but we also believe that so is being visible to cars. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed 27% of bicycle accidents are side impacts and 30% of fatalities occur in intersections (between 2010-2017). Being seen from all angles while cycling has never been easier. The Grid Side Beacon was imagined to work in with head/tail lights to keep you more visible from a full 360 degrees. Designed to be mounted to either side of your fork with reusable silicone straps, the Grid Side Beacon can be used as a stand alone light, or as part of our Luminate 360 Light Set. Spec’d with eye catching amber colored LEDs, the weather proof, rechargeable Grid Side Beacon set comes with a dual headed charger and has a runtime of up to 6 hours for multiple days of commuting illumination.

Type: Lights

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