WD40 Dry and Wet Lube - 4oz


Your chain is hands down the most essential part of your bike. Unless you're planning on coasting downhill all the time, you'll need that chain to keep you pedaling. Your chain is also one of the dirtiest parts of your bike and over time, dirt and lack of proper lubrication can wear down your chain causing damage to it and other components.  Moral to the story - clean your chain, lube your chain and your bike will be happy.

WD40 makes a great bike lube and it's something we recommend for every new bike leaving our shop.  Whether you live in southern Utah where you have to tap a cactus to drink water or you live in Portland where it rains every day, WD40 has a lube for you.  

Dry Lube:

For dry and arid riding conditions. Extensively tested by scientists and pro mechanics alike. Special polymers form a dry film to protect your chain and repel dirt in arid or dusty conditions. The result is a clean, quiet drivetrain.

Web Lube:

For wet and muddy riding conditions. Our exclusive formula has been professionally tested and is amped up for premium lubrication. Improves shifting and extends chain life by repelling moisture and gunk

Size: 4 Ounce


WD-40 BIKE Lube from WD40BIKE on Vimeo.

Type: Lube

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