WD-40 BIKE All Purpose Bike Wash: 24oz Bottle


WD-40 is better known for their all purpose lube that most people use in their home. Over the past few years however, they have come out with a complete line of bicycle related products and like you'd expect from WD40, the stuff just works. The WD-40 All Purpose Bike Wash is a staple here at our Milwaukee bike and is a great way to clean grease and gunk off your bike. This is a must have for any professional or home bike mechanic.

From WD40

WD-40 Bike All-Purpose Bike Wash is safe and easy-to-use. The biodegradable formula is powerful enough to help remove embedded grease and grime that can cause component wear or damage and surface scratching. Safe for all bike surfaces including carbon fiber, titanium, chrome, steel, aluminum, rubber and plastics.


24oz Bottle

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