45NRTH Dillinger 5 Stud Your Own - 2 Tires


Grab a beer, crank the tunes and get to work. Time to stud your own fat bike tires. 

With snow comes ice and having the right winter tire in cold climates is almost a must. The Dillinger 5 sets the pace when it comes to fast Winter tires. 45NRTH offers a Dillinger 5 that already includes 256 carbide studs/tire, but for those of you that want to set up your own stud pattern and are trying to save a little weight, we've put together this great stud your own fat bike tire option.

This kit includes 2 Dillinger 5 stud-able fat bike tires, 516 aluminum carbide studs and the stud wrench you'll need to set this up. What it doesn't include is the beer, tunes or the time to get this done. That's all you.

We put together this quick video to a quick how to for studding your own tires. 

Tech Talk: Studding a Fat Bike Tire from Fyxation on Vimeo.


*Price shown is 2 tires, stud wrench and 516 aluminum carbide studs

  • Size: 26x4.8" 
  • Weight: 1535g
  • ISO Diameter: 559 / 26"
  • ISO Width: 122mm
  • Construction: 120TPI
  • Bead Type: Foldable
  • Tires: 2 Dillinger 5 Studdable Tires
  • Studs: 516 45NRTH Aluminum Carbide Studs
  • Tool: 45NRTH Stud Wrench



Type: Accessories

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