45NRTH Xerxes 700x30 140 Stud Winter Bicycle Tire

According to Wikepedia, Xerxes was the fourth king of kings of the Achaemenid dynasty of Persia. According to Fyxation, Xerxes is one of the best winter commuters tire on the market. These 700x30c studded winter bicycle tires have 140 steel carbide studs that grip the road in all conditions and are a must for any year round cyclist.

From 45NRTH

Commuting to work or school on black ice just got faster and easier with the Xerxes. Studs provide unrivaled control on those morning rides where ice patches threaten your commute. When a layer of snow conceals black ice, the ultra-narrow profile easily slices through the fluff and gets straight to business providing extreme traction in these extreme conditions.


  • Color: Black
  • Defined Color: Black
  • Stud Count: 140 steel carbide studs
  • ISO Diameter: 622 / road / 29"
  • ISO Width (mm): 30 mm
  • Intended Use: Winter-Studded
  • Labeled Size: 700 x 30
  • PSI: 75
  • 33TPI Tire Bead: Steel
  • 120TPI Tire Bead: Folding
  • Tire Diameter: 700c
  • Tire Type: Clincher

Type: Bicycle Tire

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