Encore 700c Fixed Gear Wheel Front Black


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Looking for some eye candy on your latest fixed gear or singlespeed build? Look no further than Encore's Carbon 5 spoke wheels. Guaranteed to turn heads on the street, Encore offers the latest in full carbon composite body wheel technology after their predecessor Aerospoke. Made in the USA and available in a variety of colors.

From Encore:
How do we do it? Injection-molded carbon wheel bodies are machined to accept our custom-extruded aluminum rim and our 7075 aluminum hubs.|Using computer-aided design technology, we have developed a wheel that is highly stable, aerodynamic and has superior structural integrity. These qualities help to more than makeup for any perceived weight penalties. Riders can expect the ultimate in lateral stiffness for cornering and the maximum amount of power transferred from pedal to the ground. This maximizes energy output and helps you to maintain your speed easier using fewer watts, with less fatigue.

Encore Wheel Specs:

  • Optimal strength/weight characteristics.
  • 7075 aluminum sealed bearing hubs.
  • 23mm rim width for wider range of tires.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Front and rear fixed gear wheels include stainless steel bolts for mounting.
  • Rear fixed hub is flip/flop and can be used for fixed/fixed, fixed/free, or free/free.
  • Made in the USA

Front Track Wheel

Rear Track Wheel

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