ESI Silicone Grips


ESI makes the best 100% Silicone grips on the market. These plush grips work great on any flat bar build from singlespeed, fixed gear, road, mountain, fat and more. Designed for riders looking to cut weight wherever they can, but not the comfort and control of silicone grips. Offering 3 diameter sizes giving you the ultimate level of shock absorption and increased hand comfort on longer rides.

  • Wet or dry your hands won't slip but the grip will never feel sticky
  • Install and remove with rubbing alcohol
  • Silicone has a memory and will mold to your hand
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Dimeter size: Racers Edge 30mm, Chunky 32mm, Extra Chunky 34mm
  • Weight: Racers Edge 50g, Chunky 60g, Extra Chunky 80g 

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