Strider Classic Push Bike Blue No Box Warehouse Sale


CONDITION: New, no box.

Where were these bikes when I was learning how to ride? We hear this all the time here at our Milwaukee bike shop when parents first see their kids scooting around the shop on a Strider balance bike. These pedal free bikes are propelled forward by the riders feet by walking or running and are an amazing way to teach a child the balance needed to ride a bike. With both feet planted securely on the ground, kids can slowly move around on the Strider and as you sit back and watch, you'll see their confidence quickly grow. Within time, riders quickly learn to pick up their feet as their speed increases and without even realizing it, they've just learned how to balance on a bike!

Both the owners of Fyxation taught their kids how to ride bikes using Striders and we couldn't say enough about how fun it is to watch your children experience the joy and confidence that comes from zipping around on a Strider. We have Strider models in stock here at our shop so we encourage you to bring your little one for a test ride.

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