We take pride in our work and have spent countless hours designing and testing each of our complete bikes so that they are ride ready out of the box.  With that said, we understand that there's nothing better than getting a custom bike built to your spec where you can dial things in exactly the way you want it.

Fyxation Custom Bike Program

Here at our facility in Milwaukee, WI we have the frames, parts, tools and manpower to work with you to build up a custom bike.  We have a small team of build consultants over here that would much rather help you build a bike than spend another afternoon cleaning up the warehouse.

Using our Eastside or our Quiver frameset as the foundation we have the ability to build up a wide selection of bikes for any style rider.  Whether you're looking for an upright commuter, race ready fixed gear, wide tire adventure bike or 2x10 steel road bike, we can help.  Custom builds can even be as simple as changing up a few parts that come on our complete Eastside and Quiver.

How Does it Work?

Contact us and we'll assign you to a member of our team to walk you through our custom build process.  Together you'll dial in the spec of your new bike and once you've settled down the details we'll get to work on your custom bike.

How Much Does it Cost?

That really depends on what you're looking for.  One of the first things we'll discuss is what your ideal build is and of course, what your budget is.  Once we've dialed in a tentative spec we'll send over a quote for your new bike.  Once approved and payment has been received, we'll get to work on the build.

How Long Does it Take?

Depending on the availability of parts it should take us less than a week to build your custom bike.  You can reach out to your build consultant at any time for a status update and if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, chances are you'll see pictures of your bike along the way.

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