Enve Adventure Fork: Carbon Fiber Fork with Mounts

Here on our blog we don't just feature Fyxation gear. Occasionally, when we something we like, we'll post it up here to give the product and company some love. Now Enve Composites is a big company and has some dollars behind their marketing machine, so they don't really need a plug from Fyxation, but we decided to do it anyway.

The Enve Adventure Fork is Enve's first carbon fiber fork that's designed with mounts for racks, fenders and cages. We've had our Sparta Carbon Fiber Adventure Fork on the market for about 3 years and during that time a number of other companies have joined the party. We think it's great. The more options the better and with a great carbon fiber company like Enve, putting their weight behind a concept that we helped pioneer, we're glad to have them in the pool.

The Enve Adventure Fork is a full carbon adventure fork that includes 3 mounts per fork blade, fender/rack mounts, dynamo routing and some cool reversible drop out chips for adjustable axle and crown rake. The fork retails for $650 and will be available to ship around mid October.

For more info about the fork, we've borrowed some info from Enve's site. Looks like a good option on the higher end of the carbon fiber adventure fork market.

From Enve:

The ENVE Adventure fork provides a lighter weight option for bikepackers and frame builders, while still maintaining reliability and strength. The dynamo light and charger routing is an integrated and protected solution to self-supported bike riders’ needs. Finally, the fork chip option gives builders versatility in the fork by adjusting the axle-to-crown for different bike geometries for alternative bikepacking methods. In a market that’s filled with heavy steel fork options, the ENVE Adventure fork offers bikepackers an opportunity to lighten their overall bike load through our trusted carbon fiber fork expertise. 

  • • Three-Pack Accessory Mounts
  • • Fender and Rack Mounts
  • • Reversible Drop-Out Chips for Adjustable Axle-To-Crown and Rake
  • • Internal Dynamo Routing for Lights and Electronics Charging
  • • Axle Spacing 12 x 100mm
  • • Compatible Rotor Sizes 140mm & 160mm
  • • 700 x 50mm Tire Clearance


Whether it’s the seldom traveled paths in the wilderness you wish to explore for multiple days, or the back-roads of your backyard for an overnight weekend trip, the ENVE Adventure fork adapts to your outing. We worked with a wide array of custom bike builders who have trusted our fork manufacturing experience to find the exact features and geometry they needed to bring their bikes to life in a lighter weight package. Three-pack accessory mounting on the fork legs, as well as fender and rack mounts provide ample gear packing capabilities. Internal dynamo hub routing for both lights and electronics charging helps to transform your ride into a self-supported expedition. Finally, adjustable axle chips that change the axle-to-crown, as well as the rake of the fork from 398mm in the 49mm position to 406mm in the 55.5mm position, provide for compatibility on traditional gravel bikes, or modern monster-cross bikes, and even hardtail mountain bikes.

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