SLUG Magazine: Review - Fyxation Bicycle Company Six Fyx

July 12, 2017

SLUG Magazine just posted a great review of our Six Fyx Conversion Kit and we had to share it here. The Six Fyx doesn't normally get a lot of love from the media because most people in the media don't quite get it. Alexander Ortega, the Editor over at SLUG Magazine, does however. He purchased a Fyxation Eastside from a local shop in Salt Lake City a few years back and needed a few extra gears to get up some of the hills in SLC. Alexander turned to Mark at Saturday Cycles for a solution and that's when he discovered the Six Fyx. Below is a bit more info about SLUG and a full link to the article. Check it out!

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About SLUG Magazine: 

SLUG Magazine (Salt Lake UnderGround) is one of Utah's longest-running and most experienced independent magazines. Since 1989, SLUG has given a voice to Utah's thriving alternative and underrepresented cultures and continues to expand its coverage of local art, music, lifestyle, action sports and events. 



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Fyxation Rides Branded Bikes To Growth

May 24, 2017

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just published a great article about our custom bicycle program and how it's evolved over the years. What started as a small project for a local company has grown into a core segment of our business and a great way for us to share our creativity. For more information on our custom bike program head over to

Full Article Here


The Radavist: Fyxation's Sparta All Road Fork

April 06, 2017

The Sparta All Road Fork was just featured on The Radavist and we're pretty stoked. The Radavist is a great site that covers many cycling topics and is full of excellent articles, visuals, product reviews and original content. The Radavist has been around for a few years and is one if not the most visited bicycle blogs on the web, if not the most visited.

The Radavist was started by John Watson, the founder and creator of  Prolly was originally focused on urban riding and specifically fixed gear but over the years as John's riding evolved, so did the topics being covered on the site. We were one of the original advertisers on and John's coverage of our gear in the early days really helped our brand get known we were just 2 dudes and a tire.

When the Radavist was launched, Prollyisnotprobably and all it's articles were re-directed to the new site and the focus of the blog really evolved. While fixed gear does pop up here and there on The Radavist, the coverage now is a bit more broad and is actually a good way to follow trends in the industry and to see cool original content provided by John and a host of other authors/riders. 

Anyway, thanks for the plug guys. Head over to The Radavist to see the Sparta Fork and other cool gear, news and reviews.

Full article here

0 Comments New Fyxation All Road Fork Has Bottle Mounts

April 06, 2017

Our Sparta All Road fork has been getting a lot of attention lately. Originally designed as an upgrade for our Quiver Disc, this fork is being embraced by riders of older steel and aluminum frames looking for a carbon fork with adventure mounts. The Sparta has really filled a whole in the market for versatile carbon forks with room for fenders, racks and water bottles and it's nice to see it getting a bit of air time.

Check out this great write by the guys at Full article here


Cyclocross Magazine: In Review: Fyxation Quiver Disc

March 29, 2017

The guys at Cyclocross Magazine have been testing out our Quiver Disc with our new Sparta carbon adventure fork the last few months and they just posted their initial review. This very thorough article gives some great insight into the Quiver from some guys that really know their stuff about CX and bikes in general.  

Here at Fyxation we tend to get overlooked by a lot of the bike media for one reason or another and it's great for our company to get coverage like this. We definitely recommend you give the article a read and bookmark their site for great reviews, articles and insight into a very fun part of the cycling world.

Full review here.


Bikerumor: Fyxation Introduces Sparta Carbon Fork

March 15, 2017

We just got back from NAHBS in Salt Lake City where we introduced our new Sparta All Road carbon fork. This fork is unique in that it's a carbon fork built with adventure mounts including fenders, racks and water bottle mounts. Retailing for only $299 this fork is sure to stir things up and help a lot of riders drop weight while keeping the versatility they're used to on their old steel and aluminum adventure rigs.

Full Article Here



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Fyxation Custom Milwaukee Flag Bike

March 09, 2017

Our custom "People's Flag of Milwaukee" Quiver keeps getting great press here in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just featured the bike and gave a bit of insight into our design process and our custom bike program.

Full article here

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