Fyxation Tannery Collection: Made in Milwaukee!

We are pleased to introduce our new made in Milwaukee leather accessory line; The Tannery Collection. The Tannery Collection consists of 4 products that are hand crafted here in Milwaukee, WI and assembled right here in our workshop.  Our Six Pack Caddy, Wine Caddy, Frisbee Disc Caddy and Bicycle Carrying Handle are fun and functional leather bicycle accessories and are great for any cyclist and our now available through our web-store or your local Fyxation dealer.


Ever since we launched Fyxation in 2009 it's been our goal to make more of our products here in the US.  In the bike industry, most parts, frames and complete bikes are made in either Taiwan or China for obvious reasons.  The same holds true for most of the products that we make with the exception of our Gates Pedal Straps that we make right here in Milwaukee. 

When we set out to make our Gates straps in 2010 we spoke with suppliers in Taiwan and after months of back and forth we got so fed up with the project that we decided to take a closer look at making the pedal straps here in Milwaukee.  Nick here at Fyxation is a great designer and engineer so we already had the materials worked out and the drawings finalized. All we needed was to find a local supplier that we could work with to get us the quality product we were looking for but also one that was competitive in price.  After a long search and a bit of trial and error, we've proudly been making our pedal straps here in Milwaukee since 2011.

Tannery Collection

Thanks to our experience with our pedal straps, we started thinking of additional products that we could make here in Milwaukee and earlier in the summer we had the idea for a line of leather bicycle accessories that were both fun and functional.  Based on our experience with the Gates Pedal Straps we knew we could make these products here in MIlwaukee and are actually now exporting our straps to distributors in other countries.

Using leather that we source from a great local tannery and cutting and assembling the product ourselves, the Tannery Collection is our latest group of Made in the USA products. We are excited to introduce this quality line of leather bicycle accessories and we can't wait to show you what's next from the Tannery Collection.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below.







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