Sundance Film Festival 2014 on a Fixed Gear

Today was a beautiful day here in Park City, UT and I used it as an excuse to go out and snap some photos of our new leather bicycle accessories, the Tannery Collection. Besides the fantastic weather, today was a great day to shoot leather bicycle accessories because right now we're in the middle of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

For those of you who have never been to Sundance, it is one of the more entertaining spectacles you'll experience.  If you're visiting from out of town you'll be amazed at the beauty of the mountains and impressed by the fact that the little town of Park City can actually host a pretty good party.  Sundance happens every January and for about 10 days Park City becomes the epicenter of all things movie industry.

Corporate America, puffy coats, people from LA that dress like cowboys/girls once a year and people that insist on wearing their coats wide open to show off their Sundance credentials (regardless of the weather) swoop in on Park City and make it their home for about a week.  I've been lucky enough to live in Park City on and off for about 10 years and have experienced everything that Sundance has to offer including some personal favorites like attending the launch party of Indiegogo to some not so favorites like having the star of The Bachelor and his entourage stay at my house for a few days (he was a friend of my wife from her college days).  

I hate to say it though that now after having been around so many Sundance film festivals I really try to stay away from Main Street Park City and try my best to avoid the traffic, congestion and all around odd people that the festival brings to Park City.  Today however, I braved the crowds so I could snap a few photos of our beautiful copper Eastside and our new Tannery Collection.  The Tannery Collection is made for Sundance and while I didn't get mobbed by the paparazzi, I did get a chance to show a bunch of interested festival goers our new gear. 

Enjoy the photos!

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