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By now everyone is familiar with Groupon and Living Social and the countless other daily deal sites that are on the Internet.  When I first heard about Groupon it sounded like a cool way to save some cash so I signed up to see what kind of deals were out there.  About a month later however, I realized that my inbox was getting flooded with daily emails for stuff that I found myself trying to justify purchasing that I didn't really need (or want for that matter).  After a few more weeks I unsubscribed from Groupon and had pretty much written off daily deal sites. Then I discovered Huckberry.

Huckberry is a daily site that actually has sells things you'd want to buy.  They sell a mix of outdoor gear and lifestyle products that are hand selected by the small team of writers and designers on their staff.  There are other sites in this space that offer daily deals but they don't have the same vibe and great products as Huckberry.  We've actually had the opportunity to work with some of these daily deal sites and for them it was all about the deal and not about the brand.  With Huckberry it's a completely different situation.

We were contacted by Huckberry recently because they were interested in featuring our Leather Wine Caddy and Leather Six Pack Caddy in a Valentine's Day focused mini-store that they were planning to run on their site.  We were honored to be contacted by them but based on our prior daily deal site experiences were a bit leery.  Our contact over there was stoked on our product, knew a lot about our brand and was genuinely interested in working with us which was not the feeling we got from The Clymb or Backcountry.  Right now our leather wine caddy is up on Huckberry at a respectable $34.98 which is $5 off our retail price and not the 50-70% off you see on other daily deal sites. Their goal is get you a great value on a great product while protecting the integrity of your brand and their own.  Great company. Great site. Great deals!

Here's a link to the the Valentines day deals that are available now on Huckberry:  

Valentines Day for Her -

Valentines Day for Him -



Written by: Ben Ginster - Fyxation Google


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