Sealed Bearing Fixed Gear Wheelsets Coming Soon!

For years we've wanted to introduce a Fyxation track/fixed gear wheelset but other projects had priority. We knew there was a huge opportunity due to the lack of high quality yet affordable wheelsets on the market.

Like the market for fixed gear bikes, the wheelsets market is extremely competitive but filled with sub-standard product that is marketed strictly based on price rather than spec and/or quality.  We won't use any names, but a quick Google search will show you that there are tons of cheap fixie wheelsets out there that are colorful and look cool, but if you dig a bit deeper you'll hear the horror stories from riders and shops that have had to deal with these cheap fixie wheels.

The other day for example, I spoke to one of our shops that sells a fixie wheelset from brand R that retails for $120 and includes rim strip, tubes and tires! That is a smoking deal and when I asked him what he thought about it, he knew they were cheap and would more likely have problems down the road but he carries them because his customers ask for cheap wheels. Remember, sometimes you get what you pay for.

Also recently one of our competitors went online and was boasting about their great customer service to their fans on Facebook and Instagram. Tons of customers chimed in and agreed that they had great service. The question I have is, why are so many people calling your customer service if you have a quality product? Think about it.  If the product is well made the only time you should be reaching out to them is to buy additional product, not fix problems.  

In the last 6 months we've wrapped up our Eastside launch, finished off our Quiver 1x10 and the Pixel is almost out of production.  Finishing these projects finally gave us some time to focus on our new wheelsets and in mid March they will finally be available and we couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out.  Like most of our gear, our new wheelsets look great, have minimalist branding and are high quality and affordable. They are perfect for that fixed gear conversion you're working on or as an upgrade to the wheelsets that are on your current bike.  Below are a few teaser pics and the full spec.  Please reach out to us if you want us to reserve a set for you because I'm pretty sure this first production run will go fast.

Fyxation Alloy Wheelsets - $179.95 (Available March 15th)

- Colors - black, blue, red, orange (all anodized)

- 6061 Aluminum 40mm aero profile 

- Anodized Rim with machined brake surface (anodized after machining)

- Hub anodized to match rim color (blue rim/blue hub)

- 32 Hole, sealed bearing hub

- 120mm x M10 rear flip/flop hub. 100m x M9 front hub.

- Black stainless steel spokes with black brass nipple

- Made in Taiwan


  • Dontae Battle

    How can I make sure I’m one of the first on the list before you all run out of stock? FACEBOOK NAME Tae’s way

  • Peter Fauland


    They look great ! Will they be also available in 26" ?



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