3 Steps to Unleashing a Social Media Tsunami

There's nothing quite like seeing a product or marketing message go from 0 to 60 in no time due to the power of the Internet and especially social media like Facebook and Twitter.  It's the dream of all marketers to create content that goes viral but unfortunately it's much easier said than done.  

We've been in business for about 5 years and make a ton of great urban cycling parts/accessories, frames and bikes but up until now, we've never had a product that has truly taken off on social media quite like our new Tannery Collection has. We like to think it's because the Tannery Collection is made by hand in Milwaukee and offers the perfect blend of thoughtful design and practically.  Then again, it could just be that a lot of cyclists are big drinkers as well.   

Anyway, after the smashing success of our latest product launch, we wanted to share what we've learned so that you too can create a new product introduction that goes viral.  Rather than keeping it a secret here are our 3 tips for successfully launching a viral marketing campaign.

Step 1: Invent a cool leather 6 pack carrier for bicycles

Step 2: Email the guys at Outside Magazine and tell them about said 6 pack carrier

Step 3: Wait until Outside Magazine posts your 6 pack carrier on their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts and watch the power of their social media take over

Hopefully you've found this article as helpful as the millions of other "How to do (random SEO worthy thing) in (x number of) steps articles".  Good luck with creating your next viral marketing campaign.

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