Drop Bars or Bullhorn Bars?

Ever since we launched our handlebar line up a few years ago I've had tons of conversations with people about the differences between our Rodeo Pursuit bullhorn bars and our Comet Track drop bars.  You'd be amazed at how passionate people get about their choice of handlebars and there are very few people that I've found that are actually cool with riding both. You're either into drop bars or bullhorn bars.  End of story.

I personally prefer our Rodeo Pursuit bars because of all the different hand positions you have available, but there are lots of people that prefer to ride in the drops and rip it in traffic or at the local velodrome.   

Rather than choosing sides, we've decided to offer our Rodeo Pursuit bars AND our Comet Track drop bars as stock options on our Eastside complete bike.  Now instead of having to buy the Eastside and swap out bars you can easily select your preference at checkout or at your local stocking Fyxation dealer and be on the road in no time.  Same great bike, same great parts and same great price. Choice of bar is up to you.  Enjoy the ride!
















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