Fix It Sticks "Sticks" With Kickstarter

We just saw that the guys at Fix It Sticks have posted their second Kickstarter project to launch their next generation Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition and their new Fix It Sticks T-Way Wrench .  As a company we think Kickstarter is a great way to launch a new company or product without having to go crawling to a bank or having to give away a percentage of your company just to get it off the ground.  We're a bit afraid to try Kickstarter ourselves however, because it appears to be as addictive as crack and everyone that we see using it keeps going back for more hits!  

Here in the bike industry I know of a few companies like Revolights and The Fortified Bicycle Alliance (formerly Gotham Defense) that keep going back to Kickstarter whenever they launch a new product. Even though by now all these companies have established a name for themselves and probably have a decent dealer base built up, the allure of free advertising, PR and pre-sales must be too much. I personally think it's a smart move and based on the fact they keep coming back for more, they must as well.

Fix It Sticks is based here in Wiscsonsin and actually makes a very cool and useful product that we've had the chance to use ourselves and carry with us wherever we ride.  We're big fans of start-up bike companies and seeing as these guys are local we're rooting for them even more.  I'm sure the latest generation of tools are just as good as the original Fix It Sticks and we wish them the best of luck with their new campaign. I don't think they'll need much luck however, because as I'm writing this blog post they've almost reached the halfway mark on their campaign on their first day.  Nice work guys!  

Check out their Kickstarter campaign and video here.


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March 06, 2014

Where can I get the fix it sticks n how much r they?

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