Keep Your Gears Clean With Cogly

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are becoming the go to sources for new companies looking to start a business or launch a product.  Since we launched Fyxation, we've seen a number of cycling related companies get their initial seed money using these sites allowing them to take their ideas from an initial prototype and turn it into a full blown company. We would loved to have had access to something like this when we were first got started out in 2009. Back then we had to use our own money to pay for a tire mold, place an initial production order and develop a website all based on our gut feeling that there was a need for our Session 700 tire. While our hunch proved correct, something like Kickstarter would have easily confirmed it and helped us out with the initial funding.

We recently came across a new campaign on Kickstarter for a product called Cogly and we'd thought we'd give them a plug here.  Cogly was developed by a group of cyclists based out of Minnesota where like here in Milwaukee, the dirt, debris and salt can really do a number on your bike.  Cogly is a simple tool that let's clean your chainrings and cassette without having to use multiple brushes or rags to get into those hard to reach spaces.  Designed with a ergonomic curved handle, the Cogly let's you take any strip of rag and fasten it between two thumb screws located on the ends of the handle.  Once the rag is secured, you can really get after it and it looks pretty easy to maneuver to get all the gunk out.  It's kind of looks like a jigsaw but instead of using it to cut, you're cleaning the bits on your bike.  It's a very simple design but it looks extremely effective.

Even though we sell a few fixed gear/singlespeed bikes, there are lots of geared bikes in our Quiver and we know that regularly cleaning your bike helps the way it rides but also extends the life of the parts.  This little tool looks like a great thing to have around the shop and for only $15 with free shipping, it's a deal as well.  Once they've fully funded their campaign, the Cogly tool go into production and will be made here in the USA.

You can check out the campaign here:

Good luck guys!

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