Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo Sale

It's almost Spring here in Milwaukee and that can only mean one thing.  The Wheel and Sprocket annual Bike Expo Sale is coming at ya!  This once a year weekend sale is so big that it's actually held at the State Fair Park here in Milwaukee. The Expo Sale runs April 4th-6th.

Thousands of bikes and tons of gear will be sold from great brands like POC, Go-Pro, Surly, Salsa, Trek and of course yours truly, Fyxation.  For those of you not from Milwaukee, Wheel and Sprocket is Wisconsin's largest bike shop and actually just expanded into the Chicagoland area with a store just north of the city.  We have a long history with them and in fact, Wheel and Sprocket is where our co-founder Nick worked back in the day to help pay his way through college.  He also ended up marrying the store manager he worked for there but that's a topic for another blog post.


This is the first year that Fyxation has been a part of the Bike Expo Sale and we're honored to be sharing space with our friends at Eighth Inch in the Eighth Inch Urban Yard. This year at the Urban Yard there will be tons of great deals on Eighth Inch and Fyxation products, onsite 10 speed to fixed gear conversions and you'll even be able to build up a custom Eastside or Scrambler using Fyxation parts that will be on display at the show.  

Head on out to the show so you can see the latest from Fyxation and to show your support for Wheel and Sprocket. Don't just take our word it for it though. Check out the video below to see what Gary Fisher has to say about the Expo Sale. 





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