Pixel Single Speed: The Wait is Almost Over!

Here at Fyxation we pride ourselves in developing each one of our bikes in house. We strive to blend fit, performance and style so that each new model is unique to Fyxation.  Many of our competitors have no idea how to actually design a bike themselves and simply rely on their factories to design the bikes.  While this is a quick way to bring a new product to market, it more or less relegates these companies to the US marketers of said designs.  We feel there's something missing from not actually designing the bikes you sell and prefer to do things here in Milwaukee rather than simply outsourcing every aspect of the bike to someone that's thousands of miles away.

We've been working on bringing our new Pixel Singlespeed to market for quite some time and we feel we've developed the perfect singlespeed bike that's fast, fun and affordable.  No detail has been overlooked and we've carefully selected the frame material, geometry, parts group and even the packaging to match our vision of what the Pixel should be as a bike.

We make our bikes in Taiwan and about a month ago we finally finished up our first production run of Pixels.  The benefit of making bikes in Taiwan is that you can get a very well made bike and you can do so affordably.  However, one of the biggest drawbacks of making bikes over there is that once production is complete it takes a good 30 days (at least) for the bikes to land here in Milwaukee.  For us, this is the worst time in our new product development cycle because we know we have a finished product but there's nothing we can do to bring it to market faster here in the US.

All is not lost however.  Because we manufacture and warehouse our bikes in Taiwan we're able to ship to international markets that are much closer to Taiwan than Milwaukee is so at the same time we're shipping bikes here to the US we are also shipping bikes out to our international dealers and distributors.  

It's Because of this the Pixel is already in stock in a number of international markets and this last week we've started to get some photos of our bikes from our dealers and their customers from around the world.  We thought we'd share a few here so you can get a closer look at our latest model.

Custom Pixel from Brotures in Japan

Graphite Pixel in Kowloon, Hong Kong courtesy of Roda Fixa

Custom Pixel Pursuit from Urban Velocity in Melbourne, Australia

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