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Earlier in the year our friend Kirk from cycling blog Forward Set reached out to us because he had just moved to Los Angeles from Florida and was looking for a bike that he could use as his daily commuter and for making deliveries while working as a bike messenger.  We had just launched our Quiver 1x10 which we feel is a perfect commuter for our local market here in Milwaukee but we were interested to see how it could handle the streets of LA so we sent one out to him.

Below is a quick review that Kirk sent us after having spent a few months with his Quiver.

Over the past few months, the Fyxation Quiver 1x10 has been holding up great. I never imagined I would be into a steel bike this much, but it's quickly changed my mind on what I like in an every day bike. I can't lie when I say I am somewhat partial to the modern day track bike, but there are a lot of things that attract me to this durable steel steed, especially after riding it the past few months.

The first, is the construction of the bike… down to the welds and the sexy paint job that covers them. The outdoors really bring out the best in the beautifully and simply painted 4130 chromoly frameset. Who says a frame has to be covered in the next new trendy graphic layup, when simplicity says it best with this bike? 

It's also a sigh of relief to know that a majority of the components are a part of Fyxation's already ever-growing line of products that they stand behind, and not some cheap knock-off components. The stock 35c Session 700s are a little fat versus my typical tire size, but let's be honest, it's nice to know you can hop and skip over practically every crack, pothole, and bump on the ground without having to sacrifice the comfort of your ride or worry about a getting a flat. Often overlooked, but something that is important in the current day urban enviroment. I found myself constantly hopping over things and seeing each speed bump and curb corner as my new launch ramp.

The bike can easily be transferred over to be a clean singlespeed or fixed gear with just a few adjustments thanks to the horizontal dropouts and removable hardware. The only thing needed is a rear wheel laced up with a 132mm spaced hub. Something I plan to try out soon.

Though I have not yet used this bike to its full potential, to date, it has adapted to every situation I've needed it for. Specifically doing well as an urban commuter bike and messenger rig. Pictured are the bike soon after being built at my local bike shop, and the other is the bike in full messenger set-up. No matter the choice in set-up, I always find myself having a blast on this bike.

Quickly the Quiver 1x10 has become my every day go-to bike, and I can't wait to try it out in some new situations and environments. Maybe some fat tire off-road riding, or maybe as a bare bones fixed gear with risers. Only time will tell what I'll pull out of my Quiver.

Article by Kirk Tsonos

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