Fyxation X Pabst Blue Ribbon: Brew City Originals

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About a year ago we introduced our Tannery Collection which is a line of made in Milwaukee leather bicycle and lifestyle accessories. What started out as a side project and a way for us to prove that we could make a well made and affordable product here in Milwaukee has turned into a complete collection of leather goods ranging from our ever popular leather Six Pack Caddy to our newly introduced leather Yoga Mat Strap.  

Because the entire production and assembly of our leather goods is done right here in our Milwaukee workshop we have the unique ability to make custom leather products for companies looking for a cool way to promote their brand.  Over the last 12 months we've worked with  a number of small micro-breweries, liquor stores, tap rooms and wineries and helped them design custom logo'd versions of our leather goods so they could promote their brand in their retail stores, online or at local events/tastings.  

Most of these projects have been smaller in scale which is great because it helped us to figure out what our capabilities were and let us work with these smaller companies to dial in a custom branded product that truly met their needs.  However, we recently stepped up our game a bit and just wrapped up a "little" project for a well known brewery that like Fyxation, was founded right here in Milwaukee - Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Earlier in the summer one of the guys here at the shop picked up a six pack of PBR, loaded up our leather six pack caddy and snapped a quick picture with his phone.  Seeing as unless something ends up on social media it didn't actually happen, we had to post the picture up to our Instragram, tagged @Pabstblueribbon, got a bunch of likes and comments and went about our business.  That was until Pabst Blue Ribbon decided to re-post our picture on their Instragram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The comments, likes, shares, tweets, retweets.... that the image got on their feed was incredible and a few days later we were meeting with one of their local marketing managers to design and develop a line of custom PBR branded bicycle products.  The obvious first candidate was to make a custom leather six pack caddy for PBR.  Normally we make a custom leather stamp and stamp the logo/name of the company on each item so they can use it as a branded product. For PBR this wouldn't do.  We ended up working with a company in Iowa to make a custom alloy PBR emblem that we could rivet to the side of our six pack caddy.  We then modified our existing leather straps to perfectly fit the PBR emblem. The finished product was a truly custom PBR six pack caddy.

Next they asked us if we could make a few other custom items for them to round out the collection. While it may seem odd that Pabst wanted to come out with a line of bicycle products it actually makes a lot of sense. Many of their local marketing and sales reps are very involved in their local cycling communities and in addition to sponsoring events with free beer, they get very involved with local shops and group rides.  

To round out the bicycle collection we worked with them to design a custom bicycle head badge and custom bar end plugs that perfectly matched their logo and corporate branding. For these items we used some of our existing parts suppliers that we work with over seas and quickly turned around an amazing head badge and some sweet custom PBR handlebar end plugs.

It's been about a month since we shipped these items out to the guys at Pabst Blue Ribbon and judging by some pictures we've seen popping on Instagram they're starting to hit the streets. These items are not for sale and are only available through your local PBR sales reps or field marketing managers.  So if you want to get your hands on them you better come up with a great local bike event and reach out to our new friends at Pabst!










  • Melissa

    I need one of these bikes! I love PBR and I live on the east side! Please help me out, nothing cooler than a PBR bike and a holder for a 6 pack!!

  • Edward Sanchez

    Daily I commute to work by bike, & drink PBR after work. Just filled up my grocery bag panniers with a 30 pack. Keep making the products that make bike commuting a pleasure

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