We're Going to Veloswap!

Veloswap is a gigantic bike swap/sale that takes place every fall in Denver where everyone from bike shops to guys with a garage full of gear show up to sell things.  At Veloswap you can find everything from used full suspension mountain bikes to vintage road bikes that have been collecting dust in someone's garage for decades.  Bike swaps are always a ton of fun and this one is huge because there are so many cyclists in and around Denver.  We've never been there before but it's sort of legendary for the amount of people that come to buy stuff and the number of booth of sellers.

For the last 4 years we've talked about going to check it out and never quite got around to it. Well Denver the wait is over. We're coming to town! We shipped out a pallet of goodies last week and we'll be setting up shop with our local dealer The Urban Cyclist.  We won't really be offering that much of a discount at the swap but we're stoked to introduce the beer drinking population of Denver to our made in Milwaukee leather goods. Come on by our booth for your chance to win one of our leather six pack caddies.  Hasta la Denver!

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