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I just got back from Veloswap in Denver and I'm feeling pretty good about our decision to make it out there this year.  We partnered up with one of our local dealers, The Urban Cyclist, and set up shop in their booth at the show.  Veloswap is a huge bike sale that takes place every year and there are tons of vendors and people selling things and thousands of shoppers that come by to take advantage of some end of season deals.  We've always wanted to go to Veloswap and when we heard that the guys at The Urban Cyclist were going to have a booth at the show we jumped at the chance to be a part of it.  The show was a great success for us but even better for the guys at The Urban Cyclist.  They were the booth at the show that all the other vendors around them were jealous of as they were mobbed with customers from start to finish with product flying out of the booth like there was no tomorrow.  

The Urban Cyclist has been in business for a little over a year and specializes in fixed gear bikes and city bikes and offers a wide range of options for customers looking to get a new bike. Their philosophy is to offer a range of bikes so customers have the choice of good, better and best and they offer a huge selection of bikes and everyone that comes in to check out the shop can get a chance to test ride one of the bikes on the floor.  They are located in the heart of the Rino District in Denver which is an up and coming area that is super close to downtown Denver and in my opinion it's a great location for an urban bike shop.  

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Last year we got a call from Darrin Duran, the owner of The Urban Cyclist, and he was interested in becoming a dealer for Fyxation.  He told us that he was opening up a new fixed gear focused bike shop and that he was planning on taking Denver by storm. Now we get lots of calls like this by guys that love riding fixed gear and want to open up a bike shop and more often than not things don't quite pan out for the shop in the long run. There was something a bit different about Darrin though and you could tell on the phone that he was absolutely convinced that his business was going to be a success and those are the types of guys that typically succeed.

Well it turns out Darrin was right. His shop is killing it right now and through a combination of good timing, the right product mix, a great staff and even better customer service Darrin and the guys at The Urban Cyclist are taking Denver by storm.  I haven't been to Denver in years and all I remembered was a city that was close to the mountains and I figured it wasn't the ideal location for a shop that focuses on single speeds.  Denver in fact is actually quite flat and it's super easy to get around town on a fixie.  As a city Denver is booming and more an more young people are moving to the city every year. Fixed gear bikes are everywhere in Denver and Darrin is more than likely the guy selling these kids their bikes.  

When you walk into his shop there is a huge selection of bikes to choose from including models from Zycle Fix (sorry I can't say that without laughing a bit), State Bicycle, Fyxation and some frames from Aventon and Cinelli frames will be arriving soon.  The attitude in the shop is very chill and it is definitely not a shop that you'd feel intimidated walking into.  Pretty much everyone that comes in there ends up riding a bike and buying something from Darrin and I think it's because it is not your typical bike shop experience.  Unfortunately a lot of shops don't give customers the best feeling when you walk through the door and it's often times because these shops are owned and staffed by hard core cyclists that unfortunately aren't usually the most inclusive bunch. This is not the case at The Urban Cyclist.  Customers become friends and end up bringing their friends to buy bikes, hang out and to take place in shop rides after work with Darrin and his crew.

I'm stoked that I got a chance to meet Darrin and the guys at the shop and I recommend you head on over to The Urban Cyclist if you're ever passing through Denver.


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