Urban Velo Calls It Quits

After 45 issues the 2 man crew over at Urban Velo has decided to call it quits and they just released their final issue a few days back.  It must have been a tough decision to close up shop when they've put so much effort into building their magazine and blog these last 7 years but I'm sure it was the right decision.

We've been a long time supporter of Urban Velo and have advertised in their magazine all the way back to 2010.  I've personally seen Brad and Jeff at cycling events from San Francisco to Philly and many places in between since we launched Fyxation in 2009.  Urban Velo was a great small magazine that focused on all aspects of urban cycling from messenger life to alleycats and we'll definitely miss reading each issue.

Below is a little tribute we put together showing a collection of the issues where we had the back cover ad spot on Urban Velo. It's quite the trip down memory lane for us as well. Good luck Brad and Jeff.






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