Six Speed Conversion Kit's Are In!

Two years ago at Interbike we introduced a new product called the Six Fyx. It was mostly a prototype at the time and we brought it to Interbike to see what bike shops and industry folks thought about it. After Interbike we went back to the drawing board a bit and made a few tweaks to the system but finally, after what seems like forever, the Six Fyx is in stock and now shipping!

What's a Six Fyx you ask? The Six Fyx is a complete shifting system that lets you convert a traditional track/fixed gear bike or single speed into a six speed road/commuter bike. What makes the Six Fyx unique is that these bikes were designed to be run with a single cog and nothing else. Therefore the rear spacing is smaller (120mm) than your traditional road bike (135mm) that was designed to fit a cassette with a full range of gears. The only other option to add gears to a track bike would be to use one of a few 120mm spaced internal hubs which can add up to 3 gears to your bike but they're heavy and often times don't work as advertised.

We've been around as a company for about 6 years and in the industry for long before that. After all that time you end up having a lot of conversations with people about their bikes and if you really listen, you can learn a thing or two. After we introduced our Quiver, which ships with a removable derailleur hanger but with wider rear spacing, a number of people told us they'd love something similar but for their track bike.  Rear spacing was obviously the main issue, but in order to make this system work you would also need a new derailleur, shifter, hub, cassette... We went back and forth on designs and after a number of attempts we finally arrived what we're now calling the Six Fyx.

The Six Fyx consists of  proprietary 120mm hub/cassette (12-26), removable derailleur hanger, rear derailleur, indexed bar end shifter, cables, housing and 46 tooth front chain ring. The only thing missing is the 9 speed chain but those are pretty easy to find.  The Six Fyx is available in 2 configurations. The first which retails for $250, includes all the aforementioned parts and is designed to let you use your existing rear wheel with our hub. This requires knowledge of how to build your own wheel, but we recommend you take it to your local bike shop for the wheel build and to get the system dialed in. The second configuration retails for $300 and includes the entire kit plus a black 40mm rear Fyxation wheel with the Six Fyx hub already laced to it.

The whole point of the Six Fyx isn't to "fix" anything.  Over the years fixed gear bikes have been embraced by the masses due to their simplicity, low cost and ease of maintenance.  Over time however, many people have realized that while riding fixed is fun, there are times when gears are good as well. 


The Six Fyx is a great system to help add a little speed to your commute or make it easy to charge up that hill on your way to school.  Here at Fyxation we're obviously big fans of a single cog, but if you're looking to get into riding a road bike and are considering giving gears a go, the Six Fyx is a great way to help you make that transition.


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  • David Morgan

    also great for urban riders with one beloved bike/limited space wanting to do a lightly loaded tour once or twice a year tour!

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