Ride Scoozy Electric Bikes

A few months back when I was at the Detroit Bike Expo, I had the chance to meet Jason from a new electric bike company called Ride Scoozy. Electric bikes are hugely popular overseas and are really starting to gain traction here in the US. There's a lot of drama behind e-bikes right now because there are purists that call them mopeds and a lot people and trail managers that aren't sure what type of access e-bikes should have on both on and off road bike trails. I can see the point in both sides of the argument but right now it's a pretty hot topic.

Ride Scoozy is based out of Ann Arbor, MI and they make an e-bike that is affordable, fun to ride, easy to use and durable.  I got a chance to look at the bike at the Detroit Bike Expo and while it does look a bit odd to see a gigantic battery and motor on a bike, they're actually pretty nice.  The bike uses a chromoly steel frame single speed frame, a large battery pack that uses Samsung Lithium Ion cells, a thumb throttle that even has a cruise control option and a direct drive brushless motor. They have 2 different models; the Scoozy 350 with up to a 30 mile range and the Scoozy 500 with up to 40 mile range and top speeds of 20 MPH!

We partnered up with Ride Scoozy and for 2015 all Ride Scoozy bikes ship with our Session 700 tires!  Check them out at http://www.ridescoozy.com/ and below is a quick intro video. 

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