Fondation La Force: Iron Man on a Fyxation Eastside

We recently came across a few pictures on Facebook from a team of riders from Canada that go by the name Fondation la Force. It turns out these three machines are iron man athletes and their organization raises money to help fight Muscular Dystrophy. Not like competing in an iron man is hard enough, turns out they're doing this all on single speed Eastsides!  We've learned from one of the members that they recently competed in a half iron man and they'll be doing a full iron man in August! We love seeing stuff like this and are honored that our frames could help this team of riders out on their journey.

We've borrowed a few pictures from their Facebook page that show these three amazing athletes. Head over to their page for more info but remember to bring your French dictionary. 

Fondation la Force Facebook Page



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Tom Hellmann
Tom Hellmann

July 30, 2015

Too cool!

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