Fyxation Open Fixed Gear Street Crit | 2015 Race Recap

The Windy City once again opened it's arms to welcome the Fyxation Open fixed gear street crit back to Chicago last Sunday! As one of the featured events of the SRAM Chicago Criterium and the last stage of the Intelligentsia Cup, the Fyxation Open drew big crowds and a larger and more competitive field than the inaugural event that we hosted last year.

Head over to www.fyxationopen.com for the latest news, updates and results.

Fixed gear criterium races have exploded in popularity over the last few years with the success of the Red Hook Crit which is now hosted in New York, Barcelona and London and the Wolfpack Hustle race series which takes place in Los Angeles. Fixed gear criteriums are fast, fun to watch and are one of the most exciting things happening in the sport of cycling right now. The Fyxation Open is the Midwest's only fixed gear criterium race and for only being a second year event, this year's race drew huge crowds and a packed field.

Clear skies and warm summer temps made for a perfect day of racing and with the addition of a women's crit, spectators were treated to two action packed races. With the increasing popularity of fixed gear criterium races drawing more attention to the sport, the improved level of riders and equipment were apparent from the start of the day. From the first bike check it was clear word had spread that in order to be competitive in the Fyxation Open you better have some crit or track time under your belt.  


We are honored to say that this year we were able to add a Women's Fyxation Open to the schedule of events and the women riders received the same prize money as the men's field! Although we planned on adding a women's race to the 2016 calendar, the women's race was not part of the original event schedule. With rider feedback and the support of a few key individuals and clubs, we were able to adjust the schedule at the last minute and added a women's fixed gear crit to the event schedule. Now for the race recap:

The women were up first and within a few laps Team BFF Bikes rider Annie Byrne broke away and held a nice lead over the pack. Byrne held her own out front for several laps, but the peloton wasn't going to let her get away that easily. Maria Larkin of the Chicago Cuttin Crew rallied the group to chase Byrne down and the group was together again to battle it out for an exciting finish.

The first year of the women's race was loaded with action and exciting to watch, and with an average speed of 23.3 mph, this group held nothing back. The hard working ladies split an equal cash purse to the men's race and took home over $1000 in cash and prizes.  

Similar to last year, the men's Fyxation Open allowed riders of any category to race with top finishers from last year getting called to the line first, followed by Pro 1,2 riders. This years field was a mix of all categories from Cat 1 to 5 and 53 riders competed for over $2000 in cash and prizes.  We had riders participating from all over the Midwest and even had a few riders show up from Colorado, St. Louis and DC.

Racing was fast paced from the outset of the men's Open. Riders quickly stretched out over the first few laps splitting into two groups that never came back together.

Mid-way through the race Cat 1 team EGO riders Alexander Voltik and Dustin Morici led a breakaway. Battles within the main group kept others from breaking away with the exception of Team Spoked Bikes rider George Jordan. George held his own switching position with team EGO riders. 

Ultimately Voltik and Morici made their move on the back side of the course putting a gap between Jordan and the Team EGO riders that Jordan couldn't close securing them the 1 and 2 spots on the podium.  The picture below is my favorite from the Fyxation Open. Proving that cycling isn't just an individual sport, Team EGO worked as a team the entire race and were able to use each others breakaway from the field to eventually win the race. Rather than sprinting it out to beat each other to the finish line, the teammates finished together with arms raised in celebration of their victory. This is what cycling is all about!

Despite being chased down by the peleton, Jordan kept fighting to secure his third place finish. This was the second year in a row a rider from the Spoked St. Louis team earned a spot on the podium at the Fyxation Open.

We would like to thank all the riders that participated in the Fyxation Open and we are looking forward to an even larger and more exciting event in 2016. We would also like to thank Marcus from Yojimbo's garage, the Chicago Cuttin Crew, and the Inteligentsia Cup organizers for their cash contributions that helped us put together a matching cash purse for the women riders! Special thanks to local Fyxation dealer The Bike Lane for helping with race support and rider bike/safety checks.

See you in Chicago next year!

Place Bib# First Name Last Name Age Cat Team City State
1 1087 Courtney O'Neill 32 3 xXx Racing CHICAGO IL
2 101 Annie Byrne 35 3 BFF Bikes CHICAGO IL
3 105 Maria Larkin 28 3 Chicago Cuttin Crew CHICAGO IL
4 106 Christine Leppanen 32 4 BFF Bikes CHICAGO IL
5 103 Lauren Conroy 29 4 BFF Bikes CHICAGO IL
6 112 Sue Wellinghoff 36 3 xXx Racing CHICAGO IL
7 111 Morgan Stern 24 4   CHICAGO IL
8 109 Kelsey Phillips 25 4 Spidermonkey Cycling CHICAGO IL
9 113 Hannah Zenke 24 4   CHICAGO IL
10 102 Kelly Clarke 34 4 Spidermonkey Cycling CHICAGO IL
11 107 Niki Nation 37 3 PSIMET Racing WASHINGTON IL
12 110 Emily Roberts 29 4 BFF Bikes CHICAGO IL



Place Bib# First Name Last Name Age Cat Team City State
1 57 Alexander Voitik 30 1 EGO p/b Sammys Bikes PRINCETON IL
2 29 Dustin Morici 28 1 EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes SAINT CHARLES IL
3 18 George Jordan 24 4 Spoked Bikes DENVER CO
4 53 Scott Ogilvie 35 1 Dogfish/Team Noah ST. LOUIS MO
5 3 Zachary Slavens 25 3 Spoked Bikes ORLAND PARK IL
6 58 Tracy Dangott 41 3 xXx Racing CHICAGO IL
7 8 Daniel Breuer 25 4   CHICAGO IL
8 19 Thomas Kehrer 25 2 Bonkers Cycling CHICAGO IL
9 41 Jafet Torres 23 4 Spoked Bikes CHICAGO IL
10 32 Alexander Pearson 31 3 Chicago Cuttin Crew CHICAGO IL
11 50 Andrew Nordyke 32 3 Chicago Cuttin Crew CHICAGO IL
12 2 Avi Neurohr 45 3 Chicago Cuttin Crew CHICAGO IL
13 36 Matthew Sedwick 29 4 Team INTENT DEKALB IL
14 7 Robert Bigelow-Ru 25 5   CHICAGO IL
15 17 Forest Hynes 36 5 Johnny Sprockets CHICAGO IL
16 12 Daniel Corley 26 5   CHICAGO IL
17 54 Max Ryan   5      
18 9 Tom Brockus 33 5   SAINT LOUIS MO
19 5 Roderick DeJesus 30 4   CHICAGO IL
20 48 Kristopher Nguyen 28 5 Chocolate City Cycling ANNONDALE VA
21 21 Armando Lorenzana 24 5   CHICAGO IL
22 47 Jamari Braddy 24 5   PHOENIX MD
23 10 Nico Cabrera 31 5 Chicago Cuttin Crew CHICAGO IL
24 56 Peter Cavoto 42 4 Roll: Racing CHICAGO IL
25 34 Joseph Proszowski 26 4 Spoked Bikes CHICAGO IL
26 37 Brian Shelton 29 5   SAINT LOUIS MO
27 43 Thomas Torres 24 5 Twin Six OMAHA NE
28 38 Filip Soltys 24 5   CHICAGO IL
29 26 Jonathan Mendez 23 5 Velodramatic CHICAGO IL
30 42 Max Torres 25 5   CHICAGO IL
31 24 Jonathan McMahon 27 5   CHICAGO IL
32 49 Brian Clark 23 5 Chocolate City Cycling WASHINGTON DC
33 44 Brent Wegscheid 35 4   CHICAGO IL
34 40 Daniel Torres 24 5   CHICAGO IL
35 16 Kennen Hootman 27 4 Team INTENT ADDISON IL
36 33 Chris Perron 34 4 Mike\'s Bikes STL SAINT LOUIS MO
37 27 Oscar Mentado 23 5 Velodramatic CHICAGO IL
38 31 Jong Pak 32 5   CHICAGO IL
39 6 Brian Barrera 24 5   CHICAGO IL
40 11 John Cline 49 4 Adams Avenue Bicycles CHICAGO IL
41 25 Rodel Mejorada 20 5 Velodramatic CHICAGO IL
42 23 Jef Mayer 37 5   CHICAGO IL
43 45 Eric Zenke 28 5   CHICAGO IL
44 35 Luis Rodriguez 29 5   CHICAGO IL
45 39 Adam Sorg 26 5   CHICAGO IL
46 46 John Schackelfor 20 5 Chocolate City Cycling WASHINGTON DC
47 22 Mekhi Matthews 18 5 Velodramatic CHICAGO IL
48 55 Ryan Sellers 29 5   CHICAGO IL
49 52 Eric Stuck 33 4 Roll: Racing CHICAGO IL
50 14 Jeff Grady 20 5   SELLERSBURG IN
51 51 Teodoro Dominguez 23 5   CHICAGO IL
52 13 Dylan Frye 23 5   CHICAGO IL
53 30 Moro Moro 20 5 Velodramatic CHICAGO IL

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