Yuba Spicy Curry Review: The e-Bike With A Spicy Kick!

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular among the cycling community in both urban and suburban areas. From avid cyclists to riders just getting into the sport, cargo bikes have become a new and unique way to enjoy riding and are truly allowing people to become "car free". Cruising through the streets of our home city Milwaukee you will see everything from messengers riding a Bullitt cargo bike full of beer to a mom hauling around two kids on an Extracycle.

Blog Author Nick D Pulling An Accordion Player On a Yuba Mundo


Here at Fyxation we don't make a cargo bike so we decided to join in on the fun and bring in a few cargo bikes this summer from California based Yuba at our new retail space here in Milwaukee. Yuba offers a great selection of unique cargo bikes ranging from the the step-through Boda Boda, 26 inch Mundo with a stretched rear end and most recently the electric assist Yuba Spicy Curry.

The Spicy Curry is a brand new offering from Yuba and they did a limited initial run of 100 bikes to test out the market. Before those bikes even landed in California, they were already sold out. One of our good friends was looking to get an electric assist cargo bike and we were lucky enough to get him one of the initial batch of Spicy Curry e-bikes. Of course once we built it up we had to take it for a "safety check" and boy was it fun!

Milwaukee's First Yuba Spicy Curry e-Bike

As the name suggests, the ‘Curry has some kick! The combination of the Currie Tech mid-mounted electric assist motor and the 20” rear wheel made for a torquey (is that a word) combination. Even in the lowest setting, the Currie Tech electric assist motor offered up a significant amount of bang to each pedal stroke. The Yuba Spicy Curry comfortably cruised at 15 miles per hour and handled predictably with the wide bars and long wheelbase.

Curry Tech Speedometer 

The on-board battery operated LED head and tail lights surprised all of us at the shop with their brightness even during the day. A sticker on the frame claims the Spicy Curry can reach speeds up to nearly twenty miles per hour, but in full power mode and no load on the back, we were having no trouble cruising at speeds closer to thirty! Feedback from our friend Dave has so far been positive. Be sure to keep an eye out for him cruising around the streets of Milwaukee! 

Cargo Bike With Some Kick

*Accordion Yuba photo credit: Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed and the new owner of a Spicy Curry e-Bike

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