Is this an unhealthy fixation?

In life, we all have our interests, passions, dreams and inspiration. If we’re lucky, every once in a while they all come together around something truly inspiring. For us, these forces have come together around two wheels, some welded steel, rubber on a rim and couple of gears connected by a chain. Some people in our lives have claimed that we have an unhealthy fixation with a simple machine; some in our lives realize that a drop of chrome in the right place, a CNC dropout or a tightly laced wheel can be the things of dreams. Is it wrong to be woken up by your girlfriend because you’re pedaling in your sleep? Is it wrong to look through an issue of COG for the twenty-fifth time and still find some little nugget of frame that you missed the other 24 times you cracked its cover. Is it wrong to map your home town by the spots you’ve sessioned, or will session, or wish you could session? If you’ve read this far then your obviously as addicted as us. Fyxation was born out of a passion for a simple machine that we just can’t shake. Is it unhealthy? We have been told yes, but if it is, we’d much rather live out our unhealthy fixation dreaming of new ways to refining this extension of our existence than listening to those who will never get it.

-NRG, founder Fyxation Inc.

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