Dual Compound Sessions Now Shipping!

The Dual Compound Sessions were designed to blend function and style by combining the durability of a touring tire with the vibrant colors we're known for. The DC Sessions are available in white, pink, orange and green in 700x23c, 28c and 35c (only the DC white in 35c). These Sessions are different in that they have a black stripe down the middle of each tire. This is the same compound as our all black tire and has a similar hardness to a long wearing touring tire. The point of the dual compounds is to offer a long wearing color tire that can be used as a rear specific tire or on both the front and rear.

In one of our earlier posts (Bicycle Tires 101)we talked about tire wear, skidding and how color tires by nature are a softer compound than black tires. The dual compound Session 700 gives you the best of both worlds. Great vibrant colors on the sidewall with a hard black center strip for longer wear.



Bicycle Tires 101 || Fyxation
Bicycle Tires 101 || Fyxation

December 22, 2009

[…] our new Dual Compound tires has a Durometer similar to that of a long wearing wearing touring tire (Dual Compound Sessions). That is why people give our tires rave reviews as a long lasting tire and some people even use […]

Fyxation Distribution Channels || Fyxation
Fyxation Distribution Channels || Fyxation

March 20, 2010

[…] – black, white, orange, green and pink. After some great rider feedback we came out with the Dual Compound Session 700 and our whitewall tires which are available in brown and black with a white sidewall. We recently […]

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