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Dennis over at Fixed Gear Gallery has been testing out some of our gear of late. He posted some pics of our new dual compound Session 700 tires and our new track grips on his site. The full post can be seen here on Fixed Gear Gallery. He is a pretty talented guy and took some great photos. We had to share them here. Enjoy!

FGG Main

As a reminder, the Dual Compound Session 700's are built with our hard black compound down the center of the tire. Our black compound has a similar hardness to that of a long wearing touring tire. When you ride a color tire on the street it gets pretty dirty. The point here is to give you a long wearing center strip that's already black. You get the same vibrant colors but a functional black center strip to add some life to that tire.

FGG Grip

Pretty slick how the grips match the aggressive tread of the Sessions. Much softer rubber though in case you were wondering.

FGG Tire

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P. Roots
P. Roots

September 19, 2011

Best tires ever, i’ve ran over broken bottles, and not a scratch on the tire

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