Fyxation Bar End Caps

Providing the perfect blend of function and style our Alloy Bar End Caps are great for sealing up open ended grips or for when your grips have simply worn through. They're also great for making sure your bike is polo ready because there's no way you're playing with an open ended bar - too many bad things can happen. Available in 30mm (BMX style grips) and 25mm (Track or thinner grips) we have an option for every bar out there.

Product specs and some pics are below:

- Durable Alloy Bar End Caps with inside mounts
- Each set ships with 2 different sizes of expandable elastomers (rubber spacers) to fit most bars
- Available in white, black, pink, orange and green in two sizes

Fyxation Caps Compressed

Pink BMX w Cap Compressed

Green Track w Cap Compressed
Bar End Cap in Box

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