Duro Fixie Pops - They're Skidalicious!

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Sometimes when we sit down to write this blog our goal is to be creative and witty. Maybe poke a little fun at someone using some subtle sarcasm without trying to make it too obvious. There are other times when all you have to do is simply talk about something you just saw and the story itself should do the work for you. We'll, now is one of those times.

I just got finished looking at the new Bicycle Retailer Magazine and when you open er' up, the first thing you see is what appears to be Weird Al riding an Origin8 frame. Upon closer inspection I realized it was an ad for Duro's new "fixed gear" specific tires - the FixiePop or Fixie Pop. The tires are available in 9 colors and each color has it's own unique name. Weird Al's bike happens to have a set of the Downtown Billy Brown's on them. The way I could tell is that the name of each tire is plastered on the sidewall. Other names include the Orange Screamcicle, Red Dragon and Lime-O-Rita.

To finish off the ad Duro let's us know that "In nine Skidalicious flavors, Fixie Pops are a tasty treat your fixed gear riders can't beat!".


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