Fyxation Flickr Feed a la Fixed Gear Gallery

We've recently gotten a lot of sweet photos sent in of your rides sporting Fyxation tires, saddles, grips and caps. In honor of all the hard work you've done building up your bike, we've added a Flickr feed to our site to help show off your build to the world. Send us your photos of your bike sporting your Fyxation gear and we'll add it to our Flickr feed for all to see. By no means is this going to be our version of Fixed Gear Gallery - that site is great. This is for Fyxation gear only!

The Fyxation Flickr feed is available on most pages of or site. Look at the lower right of this post for example.

We're looking forward to seeing more pictures come in. Feel free to email them to info@fyxation.com.


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