Thuggie - Pants Optional

Just stumbled across this online and I'm still trying to figure out if it's legit. The Thuggie is the first article of clothing designed to actually fit while looking like it's too big for you. It was designed by a crew up in Whistler BC and was originally meant to be a joke. Turns out everyone that saw it wanted one. Now they're selling these things online and sounds like they've had some initial success. Could be the next Snuggie. Nice work guys!

Here is a bit more info about the Thuggie - quoted from their site:

The Thuggie is the most comfortable garment you will ever put on.

It is pants optional, roomy, always flattering, always fits and never wrong for any occasion. Basically it is a lifestyle statement. It is Canadian born and made and its wearers are among the most likeable people in all of the Western world.*

Unlike other semi ironic leisure apparel, the Thuggie equips the wearer with a sense of security, satisfaction, extreme comfort and a gentle sense of smugness. You are guaranteed to feel smug in this Thug.

Life is short, live it long.

Check out Why Not Apparel and the Thuggie here:

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