Interbike in Vegas for 2011

Just got an email from the folks that put on Interbike letting us know that Interbike will be held in Vegas again next year. Looks like Nielsen went old school and did a little market research and found out that while Anaheim is a great place to showcase sprawl and Californication (sorry So-Cal), it may not be the best place for a large international bike show.

There are a lot of people out there that hate Vegas and think that Sin City is the last place you would want to go to for a bicycle show. While I agree that it's not a biking mecca and it's a bit odd to see people drinking beers and gambling at 8AM while I'm drinking my Starbucks, Vegas has some redeeming qualities as a trade show destination. The fact is that Vegas is easy to get to, there are tons of hotel rooms, there are a million places to eat and once you're there you can walk/bike to everything.

I personally think that Salt Lake City would have been a great venue for the show due to the fact that there is a ton of great road and mountain bike riding out there. But Salt Lake is a pretty small town and hotel rooms would be tough and food options pretty much don't exist in Salt Lake.

I'm sure people are pissed about this decision but it sounds like the train has left the station. See you in Vegas next year!

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