Pedal Straps, FRS, Foot Retention...

It seems like every day we see a new company out there making a foot retention system. Some are good. Some are well, not so good. The video below breaks the market for pedal straps down with a little funky background music. If you don't have time to make it through the whole video there are straps from Handworks, Crank, HoldFast, BLAQ, Brisbane Outdoor, Burro, Chicago Wig, Aurora, Archies Grobags, Power Grip, Huge Grips, JOL, PHOENIX, Pinzat, Risistant... OK I couldn't finish it either.

Anyway, maybe they'll edit this video when the new Fyxation Pedal Straps hit the market. Can't wait to show them off. Keep an eye on our site for some pics.

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