Fyxation Gates Pedal

2011 is the year of the pedal here at Fyxation (It's also the year of the 35c, wire bead Session 700, Fyxation Foot Strap and some other things but that's besides the point). We are stoked to introduce the Fyxation Gates pedal. Think of the Mesa pedal as the 8 oz filet mignon and the Gates as the 24 oz prime rib. It's a little bigger, a little less expensive but super tasty.

The Gates pedal has a retail price of $19.95 (US$) and is a wide platform pedal made out of impact grade nylon, re-buildable loose ball bearings and a Cr-Mo spindle. The Gates is available in the same colors as our tires and grips - black, white, green, orange and pink. Like the Mesa, the Gates pedal was designed to work with most foot straps/foot retention systems on the market.

- High impact grade nylon material built to take abuse
- Re-buildable loose ball bearings for easy maintenance
- Color matches the Fyxation tire, grip and cap colors

Height -22.5mm
Width - 105.5mm
Weight -406 grams per pair
Body Material -Impact grade nylon (stronger than PC)
Spindle Body - Cro-Moly

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