Who Needs Spikes?

We got an email today from our friend Simona Bava in Stockholm, Sweden. She wanted to show us some pictures of her Session 700 tires after a typical snowy commute in Stockholm. This time of year the sun rises at 9AM and sets at 2:30PM and as you can imagine it's cold and snowy. Simona has been riding a pink Session 700 on the front and an orange Session on the rear since the summer. When asked why she didn't exchange her Sessions for spikes once the snow started falling she gave a few simple reasons. First is that the Session 700 is ideal for winter commuting because of it's aggressive tread pattern. The second was that she couldn't find spikes in pink!

Check out her pics below. Simona runs a distribution company in the Scandinavian market and was recently featured in Outside Magazine. For more info about Simona and her distribution company in Sweden check out her site - http://www.bavabici.com

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