Levi's Fixed

Levi Strauss has put together their own track bike with their characteristic style. Definitely some unique detailing and I love the way the white Sessions compliment the stitching accents.

Hyperbeast writes... Levi’s look to several bike experts to help them create a fixed gear bike inspired by the brand’s very own denim detailing. Three different parties were involved in the building act including Unik bike, Belgium’s master in vintage restorations, Fixerati, a Brussels-based shop specialized rare bike parts, and Brother Cycles, a London based entity known for their frames. Aside from a traditional approach to the hardware, other design elements include denim stitching, the use of arcuates, a denim saddle and a denim handlebar. The bike will be given away as part of a recently launched Facebook “Share and Win” game for Levi’s Europe participants.

spotted on Prolly

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