Firefly is Born

I love stories about the road less traveled. Here is one that came out of Independent Fabrication's recent move from Boston, MA to New Hampshire. Some of the crew decided to stick to their roots in Boston and launch their own custom fabrication company. According to Firefly...

“We’re taking everything that was great about where we came from, where we’ve been, our history together, our deep roots in the international cycling community, our collective skills, and we’re using that as a starting point,” indicated Jamie Medeiros, Firefly Bicycles’ Director of R&D. “The fundamentals of making great bike frames haven’t changed dramatically, but there is so much room for improvement in attention to detail, dialing in ride quality, finish quality, customer service and making bikes that are truly unique to each rider.”

Given the terrific heritage and quality products from Independent Fabrication I'm excited to see what creative musings come out of this young company. Stay posted to Firefly for more.

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