Hard Court Bike Polo Season

We've been getting a lot of emails from bike polo teams these last few days about sponsoring upcoming bike polo tournaments. The snow must be melting and those puddles are finally drying up on the polo courts and everyone is getting stoked for the warm weather. Being from the Midwest we know how pumped you get when it finally starts to warm up. Sooner or later "The Day" will happen. "The Day" is what I refer to as that first really warm day where everyone busts out there shorts and it seems like the beautiful ladies are finally ready to come out of their winter hibernation.

Check out the flier below for the Lafayette Riverside Polo Tournament in West Lafayette, Indiana. We just sent out a bunch of gear for their event. Have fun guys!

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March 11, 2011

coulda saved you the shipping and just dropped em off at my house. MKE bike polo is sending 2 teams down.

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