Aflac Duck Voice Job Opening

Had to share this. Last week Aflac announced that they fired Gilbert Gottfried from his job as the voice of the Aflac duck after he posted some insensitive Twitter comments about the disaster in Japan. We'll now it seems they're looking for his replacement. They have casting calls going on right now all over the country to find the next Aflac duck voice. Here are a few skills you'll need to have to be the next duck. Not sure if this was meant to be humorous but we found it entertaining.

Unique New Voice of the Aflac Duck

Think you have what it takes to become the new voice of the Aflac Duck? Take a quack at it...

About the Job
This position will be integral to forging Aflac’s voice in all manner of communications. In this role you will create innovative ways to use one word to convey that without Aflac, no insurance coverage is complete.

- Creates innovative and original quacking that helps consumers understand how Aflac is different from major medical.

Special Skills
- Requires correct pronunciation of the word Aflac
- Bilingual skills (English Duck and Spanish Duck)

Core Competencies

-Collaborative spirit, especially when it comes to working with duck

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